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Here it is :) Gemstones and their Pooja's

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Since you people have requested me to provide you details on how to perform Pooja for Gemstones while wearing them first time, purifying it and also for re energizing them, so for all my dear readers here it is... :) A new blog for Gemstones and their Pooja's Do check them out. They are worth it. Besides this, do look at other links in the Important Links Section on the left hand side. There are 2 more links one to reach to Holy Shirdi and the other to reach to Holy Shani Shignapur :)

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Gemstones and their Poojas
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What is the difference between Vedic and Kp

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Krishnamurti Paddhati(KP) is the advanced version of Vedic astrology having more accuracy and less rules. Distribution of Cusps is done as per Placidus System in KP and Vedic follows Sripat Paddhati. Start of the Cusp is taken as Start point in KP and it is taken as Mid point in Vedic. Aspects are taken degree wise and they are applicable as per orb of individual planet in KP. Vedic astrology follows cusp to cusp Aspects. KP recommends a year of 365.25 days but vedic take it as 360 for easy calculations.The art of KP is having very less rules but vedic have lots of rules and books to get accurate prediction. KP is logical and vedic has lost the accuracy of predictions because of missed data. Ayanansha plays a major role in accuracy KP has its own and single ayanansha but vedic has lots of ayanansha. Each Ayanansha gives the different values to Planets and Cusps. One can learn KP in very few months but one can not learn vedic in his life. Vedic can not pin point the time of frutification but KP can tell the exact time of frutification of the event. KP treat 9th Cusp as the House of Father but Vedic take 10th Cusp for Father. KP has sub divided each planet and cusp Sign (Dasha) into Bhukti, Bhukti into Antar and Antar into Pratyantar in the same ratio as done by sage Parashar in Vimshottari Dasha. It gives the more accuracy but vedic does not follows so. Vedic follows Navamansha of Moon Sign only but KP follows navamsha of Nakshatra of each Planet and Cusp. KP introduced a new fast moving point which can differentiate between two early births as twins, it is known as Fortuna. KP says that Mercury never Combust(अस्त) from Sun.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here it is . . .Sample chart while learning :)

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Since all of you and other readers of my blog have requested me to give you a sample horoscope, so here it comes... Please find below the link for the Sample Horoscope chart that I'll be using in all the posts from now on. This would make understanding the concept of KP much more easier for you. Besides you can always have an idea on what all things can you need to use to predict using KrishnaMurthi Padhdhati system.

Please follow this link


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Monday, January 5, 2009

When exactly does a planet gets exalted?

When exactly does a planet gets exalted?

Now the KP confusion I'm seeing frequently, and the catch to the exaltation/debilitation game is this...Exactly WHEN is a planet considered to be exalted or debilitated? Is is just by being posited in the respective signs of exaltation or debilitation - such as Jupiter is considered debilitated simply because he is posited in Capricorn? Or Venus is considered exalted just because she is posited in Pisces? The answer to this question is no! There are refinements to strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed before blanket statements are made due to assessing these planetary strengths and weaknesses. For example, is Jupiter, when posited at 15 Cancer, considered to be in an exalted state? No! Why? Jupiter is exalted at 05 Cancer - not at 15 degrees Cancer. Orbs must be set in place and respected for the effects of exalted or debilitated status to be truly effective - sign positions alone are irrelevant when assessing planetary strengths. So to say that a planet is exalted or debilitated simply because it is posited in its sign of exaltation or debilitation is incorrect - the degrees of the sign placement are necessary to determine whether that planet is truly in an exalted or debilitated state. The KP preferred orb allowance is 50' on either side of its exaltation or debilitation degree. Below is a Table showing the exalted and debilitated placements. I sincerely hope this further clarifies the position of exaltation versus debilitation.

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Planet Exalted Debilitated
Sun 10 Degrees Aries 10 Degrees Libra
Moon 03 Degrees Taurus 03 Degrees Scorpio
Mars 28 Degrees Capricorn 28 Degrees Cancer
Mercury 15 Degrees Virgo 15 Degrees Pisces
Jupiter 05 Degrees Cancer 05 Degrees Capricorn
Venus 27 Degrees Pisces 27 Degrees Virgo
Saturn 20 Degrees Libra 20 Degrees Aries
Rahu 20 Degrees Taurus 20 Degrees Scorpio
Ketu 20 Degrees Scorpio 20 Degrees Taurus

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What does Exaltation or Debilitation means?

What does Exaltation or Debilitation means?

Hello Every one, in continuation with my previous posts here's another one.

There are several indicators "given" in KP, and must not only be considered, but must also be both integrated and synthesized into your analysis before a final determination is made. But according to sizing up an event, only the house results are offered - so where does that leave the sign effects that the planet is placed in - such as the planet's exalted or debilitated status? Here is where much confusion seems prevalent in KP assessments- especially when a planet is badly placed in the 8th or 12th house, but simultaneously exalted in status. Or when a planet is in a debilitated state, but posited in the benefic 11th house? How do we assess these results?

Exaltation and Debilitation are "strength" and "weakness" indicators respectively, and therefore their specific job is to give us an idea of how much "muscle" (strength or weakness) the planet carries - within its environment - to carry out its function determined by its house placement. So if a planet is strong due to exaltation, but badly placed in the 12th, the planet does not change its role and become good for the 12th house, but rather the effects are that the planet will not hasten to quickly carry out the functions for his position in any given house, and will therefore quickly bring about loss (or other 12th house function) in a very timely manner. Why? Because he has the strength to act quickly and with no delay, and he is very comfortable where he is positioned in his exalted status. He works fast because he is in a happy and exalted state - caring not that he is working quickly to bring about less than fortunate events. He's just doing his job with the muscle provided to do it with. When the planet has established a set of results that need to be carried out due to his star level placement, exaltation does not absolve him of the adverse results that need to be carried out, and subsequently make the results pleasant. This is simply not the way exaltation and debilitation work, nor is it part of their role as "strength indicators" for a planet. The planets do not give contrary results due to their strength status.

So, also, do we judge the effects of a planet posited in a good house but in the state of debilitation. This debilitated planet will still carry out the positive acts for the house in which he is posited, but his strength factor will not allow him to do so quickly or in a timely manner. So the result is that he will eventually bring the good effects about, but not in a timely manner or with speed under his wings. He only carries enough strength to respond to his mission in a slow and delayed manner because he is not happy being posited where he is and at the degree at which he is debilitated, but he has a job to do and will carry it out and do his job, but NOT in a manner contrary to what his position indicates - it will just be carried out at a snails pace.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Exaltation and Debilitation in KP Astrology

Exaltation and Debilitation in KP Astrology

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Today I will talk about various doubts over 2 very important aspect in KP Astrology i.e. Exaltation and Debilitation of planets.There appears to be some prevailing confusion about exactly what Exaltation and Debilitation actually mean in evaluation of a KP chart. So below is a brief overview of the planetary interactions, followed by my attempts at explaining the effects of exaltation and debilitation, and their usage in KP, according to my understanding of the basic and primary teachings of the KP system.

We already know that a planet moving under the influence of his star lord, will act according to the dictates of that star lord. With that in mind, we are also well aware that the planet will predominately offer the results of the house in which the star lord is posited, in addition to the house(s) owned by the star lord. Then, the planet itself, offers the results of the house it occupies and the house(s) it owns. So basically each planet has a role to play, and both the star lord and the planet combine their influence to determine whether the event will be favorable or not.

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Happy New Year to All of you

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